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LOOKING FOR PEOPLE AS CRAZY AS WE ARE: To change the world, save a life, and change yours forever. We are opening our arms and extending our reach to new and used foster homes in the St. Louis area. We are a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue, focusing on herding breeds, while specializing in special needs dogs.

If you are a veteran foster and that is all the convincing you need, feel free to send your vitals to us and we will get you rolling. For those rookies, that have questions you haven't asked, or are patiently waiting for the "right time", let me share what fostering entails: At first, it's very similar to online dating- you send us your living situation, likes and dislikes, and we pair you with a dog that has a similar taste in music, and likes the same wine as you.

It's then first date jitters for everyone, while you and your foster dog adjust to your new dynamics, and a beautiful relationship begins. You will accompany your foster dog to adoption events, while they strut their stuff and search for the perfect family. (There is not too much human interaction required, I promise)

In the meantime, you will both be learning so much while they are in your home. Your foster dog will be learning about household etiquette, manners, and which shoes are not acceptable to chew. They will be learning what it feels like to not worry where their next meal is coming from, and how it feels to be loved, for possibly the first time in their life. You will be learning what it feels like to never go to the bathroom alone, how quickly dog hair dust bunnies collect in the dining room, and how to rebuild a broken spirit. You will learn how it feels to right the wrongs of someone else, and you will feel for possibly the first time in your life, unconditional love.
Here comes the last step, and the hardest, so pay attention. The stars and planets will align, the music will play, and all of your hard work interviewing, meeting, screening, and judging will have finally paid off, as your foster dog has found "the one".

You will probably shed a few tears, straighten their collar, and hold your chin up as you pass off the leash, and watch them walk away into their final chapter together. You may be terribly sad and your heart will feel broken... but the truth is, it's just missing a small piece now, that your foster dog will hold forever. And look at you- you've changed the world, you've saved a life, and you will never be the same.

You may not want to do it again right away, you may feel too sad; but you'll remember why you did it, and how many more homeless castaways are begging for a temporary place in your home, and heart, on the journey to their forever home.

The next one will walk through your front door, and with them will come more lessons, more stories, and a small piece of your heart that you didn't even know existed. Take the step, take the leap, take the plunge into rescue waters with some of the most committed, passionate, dedicated, humorous and slightly crazy group of kick butt animal rescuers there are.

Until there are no more homeless animals... We. Need. Foster. Homes.