Thank you for your interest in adopting!

Before completing our online application please read the following:

Our adoption process involves multiple steps and it typically takes up to 2 weeks from the time we receive your application to the time your adoption is finalized. This process can take longer when puppies are involved since no puppy adoptions are finalized until they are spayed/neutered. We reserve the right to deny any application without explanation.

1.We do not normally adopt to adults under 25 years of age, however, exceptions will be made based on the organization’s assessment of the individual maturity of the adopter.
2.All of our dogs and/or puppies are in foster homes. We do not schedule private “Meet and Greets” without a processed application.

Our Adoption Fee starts at $300. Speak! Rescue and Sanctuary has no paid employees; we operate solely off volunteer hours as a non-profit organization. Rest assured, 100% of your adoption donation goes to the care of our dogs. The medical care expenses listed below is just an average cost of care for a healthy dog coming into rescue. We knowingly take dogs who are heartworm positive and have to go through costly treatment; or rescue dogs from high kill shelters knowing they need costly surgery or medical care and would be euthanized without it.  As you compare the cost of medical care expenses with the adoption donation, you will notice the huge deficit. So now, multiply all of that by the number of dogs that we rescue each year and you will quickly understand why your support is vital to our organization.

The adoption donation enables us to recover some of our cost but the care and resources we invest per dog far outweigh what we ask in return. Speak! Rescue and Sanctuary organizes several fundraising events throughout the year to generate funds to support the organization. Our foster homes are the backbone of the organization, working with each dog in whatever capacity is necessary to become a vital member of your family.

Average Cost of Medical Care for a Healthy Dog: 
Spay or Neuter $100+
Medical Exam: $50
Rabies Vaccine: $20
Heartworm Test: $40
Bordetella: $20
Microchip: $40
Distemper/Parvo: $20
Heartworm Prevention(Monthly)$15
Flea Treatment (Monthly) $20
Collar/Leash/Tag $20
Total: $345+

3.We can adopt an animal ‘out of state’, but you must be willing to travel to where the pet is being fostered, and transport the animal yourself after the adoption.
4.We cannot place a hold on a dog for you. If you are not ready to adopt, please do not complete an application until you are ready to do so.
5.If you have other animals (dogs/cats) in your home, they must be up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, heartworm testing (dogs), and on monthly heartworm preventative (dogs). We will verify this with your veterinarian.
6.If you do not own the property you live in, you must provide the owner/landlord’s name and phone number. We will contact them to verify that you are permitted to have the pet you are applying for.
7.If you are getting ready to move or are in the process of moving, please do not complete an application until after you are settled in your new home. Please be advised that we reserve the right to conduct a Home Visit if we feel it is necessary before placing an animal with you.
8.Please make sure to fully complete your application; leaving questions blank or not including phone numbers will delay your application (this especially true when we post puppies, incomplete applications are not processed until last).
9.Once your online application is completed, it can take our volunteers 5 days to process it (longer if we have a litter of puppies posted). If we have questions about your application, we will call or email you. You must respond in order to get your application fully processed.
10.Adoption application approval means you are approved to adopt an animal from us, it does not mean you are necessarily approved for the animal you applied for. There may be specific circumstances in your home that do not make it a good fit for one animal, but it may be a fine fit for another.
11.Once your application is approved by the processors it is sent to the person fostering the dog you have applied for. They will make the decision on whether the animal that you applied for is the right fit for you and your home. They may also choose to initially contact you via email or phone. If you do not respond promptly to their email or phone call, they will move on to the next applicant.
12.Once you have met the dog and the adoption is approved, we have a minimum 24-hour waiting period before the adoption is finalized.
13.Once your new pet is home with you, we recommend taking then to a veterinarian of your choice within 10-14 days of adoption for a general check-up, especially for dogs or puppies that have been recently spayed or neutered.

Please fill out the following form carefully and thoroughly, and you will hear back from us shortly.